The power to create


We love what we do and we do our best to spread that love.
Especially when It comes to our guests. We share the same visions.

“Understanding the music industry.
Creating unique venues.

Business driven.
Came to change the game.”

The horst Group

In 5 years we had

over 2 million guests

in 5 different venues

Our journey began with Horst, our first temporary nightclub back in 2017. When we opened the heavy metal door of the building, we stood in front of a stairway shrouded in complete darkness. The cones of light from our mobile phone lights made the dancing dust grains visible in the air. By this point, we already knew that something exceptional will take place here. And it was just the beginning.
Today, the Horst Group is a leading hospitality brand in Vienna with five venues and an extended netword. We believe that there is some higher force that unites us all. This force is music. It’s art, creativity and a specific form of communication where no words are needed at all. We are deeply routed in culture. We are experience-driven. In the end, these unique experiences are what it’s all about.